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With multiple locations, exceptional customer care and vast industry knowledge, the specialist at B & B Diamonds is your best bet when you want top dollar for your jewelry. We’ve worked hard over the past 19 years to become a staple in the local community by offering fair market value and superior evaluations.

We strive to be your go-to jewelry shop in the area that gives the most money for your pieces. After you call B & B Diamonds to schedule an appointment, we’ll walk you through the evaluation process before extending an offer based on vast industry knowledge.
Come to B & B Diamonds in Austin, TX, to sell your:
• Amber
• Opal
• Topaz
• Emeralds
• Rubies
• Amethyst
• Diamonds
• Sapphires

Whether you have an emerald ring or a diamond necklace, you won’t regret bringing your pieces to B & B Diamonds in Austin, TX. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible by calling 512-848-6164.