Unique Jewelry: The good, the bad and the ugly

Unique Jewelry: The good, the bad and the ugly

Very frequently people call to set an appointment and tell me over the phone that I should be very excited as they designed the piece themselves and it’s one of a kind. When I get this call, I cringe and I’ll tell you why:

The Good – Everyone wants something unique. They want something individual which represents them as a person… but… they want it to represent THEM as a person, and it very unusual for more than one person to like the same very unique piece of jewelry.

The Bad – Although my personal taste affects what I offer on a piece of jewelry my ultimate determining factors are value and liquidity or in plain terms: how much is it worth and what can I get for it within a reasonable time frame. You might have a unique piece which is appraised for $5000 but if I don’t think I can get more than $1000 in thirty days I won’t offer over $800. I specifically think of an aquamarine ring I bought in 18kt yellow gold with diamonds… this ring was accompanied by an appraisal stating it’s value was $7000. That being said, the style was a little odd but I liked it so I bought it for $1000. Two years later I was tired of it and after shipping it to dealers and retailers all over the country the best offer I could get was $800 so I sold it at a loss rather than be stuck with it for another year.

The Ugly – It’s always been my policy to make an offer on literally anything but if your jewelry is one where I think it will take years to sell my offer will be one which could be perceived as insulting. B&B Diamonds is a business and businesses can’t survive by purchasing unsellable inventory so I’ll probably offer a price equivalent to the value of your components (the value of the gold and gemstones) and not make any allowances for labor or design.


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