Message From The Owner

diamond buyers AustinI’ve been dealing in diamonds and jewelry since 1996 and B&B Diamonds has been in operation in Austin since late 1997.  I know that selling a piece of jewelry can be a trying experience and can be full of uncertainty.  Before you start talking numbers, you need to know exactly what you have and that’s where your experience with B&B Diamonds will begin.  I won’t ask “what do you want for it”, I’ll tell you what it’s worth and what I’ll pay for it and if it’s amenable to you we’ll make a deal. I’m completely aware that you’re in a strategic disadvantage when selling your jewelry and I’ll never take advantage of that fact.  I’m perfectly happy to put my offer in writing and allow you to take it to other dealers to try to beat it.

I basically founded the estate jewelry buying business by paying the fairest possible prices and conducting business with transparency and full disclosure.  I’m very happy to see your estate jewelry and even if you don’t plan on selling it no harm can come of you finding out it’s value.  When you leave I want you to be completely secure that you received the best possible offer and you were treated fairly and that’s my promise to you.



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